Breakthrough | Leadership | Inspirational

Hello, I am Leavie D. King, III, and I welcome you to COACHEDUP! It is my pleasure to invite you to take this journey with me to self-awareness, leadership potential, and ultimately reaching life-changing success.

I will coach you and inspire you to reach your personal and professional goals through my workshops, keynotes and instructions, guiding you to magnify the gifts and talents you already have and to reach higher heights by cultivating new skills and abilities.

It will be an exciting discovery and experience of breakthrough, transformation and growth!

Let’s journey together.

Leavie D. King III, MS, BA, CSP, CPS, is a dynamic speaker, trainer and coach who possesses the inspiring gift of developing and delivering transformational messages, leaving a life-changing impact on his audience. His electrifying delivery-style and relevant content set him apart from others in the motivational field.

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