Professional Speaking Services Offered

Our focus at COACHEDUP is enabling professional and personal empowerment, achieved through workshops, seminars and training programs specializing in professional development.  By utilizing various strategies and techniques, along with real world illustrations, we motivate audiences to reach depths never before imagined through coaching and teaching methods.  These methods effectively encourage interactive communication.  By attending these workshops and seminars, participants learn and retain information at an astounding rate.

Ultimately, our goal is to help companies, organizations, schools and communities understand their individual and holistic importance, leading them to become productive and successful contributors in society and business.

• Workshops

• Group Facilitations

• Keynotes

• Coaching

Workshops:  During Leavie’s workshop facilitations, participants engage in intensive discussion and breakout activities on particular professional development subjects, which create and ignite growth within their professional and personal lives.

Group Facilitations:  During Leavie’s group facilitations, we assist by leading group conversations, group agreements or group planning.  Acting as a trusted and neutral outside voice, in addition to navigating decisions about the process the group goes through, Leavie allows the group to focus on and control the content of the discussion.

Keynotes:  During Leavie’s keynotes, his goal is to capture the essence of your meeting and highlight it to your audience, while masterfully employing humor and audience- participation, weaving his keynote message into your program.

Coaching:  Leavie teaches individual clients the ability to express their thoughts – confidently, clearly and concisely –  with the goal of leading them to speaking with more confidence and focus.  Whether delivering speeches, sales pitches or wedding toasts, Leavie coaches his clients to deliver their messages with confidence and pride.