Leavie King takes professional development to another level!  After participating in a workshop he  performed for another agency, I had to invite him to work with my staff.  His energy is contagious and fiery enough to wake the dead!!!  He is professional from start to finish!  He was able to catch the vision I had for my staf,f and he used his own style to relay the information in a way that was palatable and invigorating.  My staff has grown and are more unified as a team, and now Leavie King is a part of our family.  Mr. King is more than a professional and more than a trainer.  He is a breath of fresh air to any agency that desires to grow.

Gentry Simmons

Program Director, Dearborn YMCA

Leavie King is an excellent public and motivational speaker.  We have used him twice for our company meetings, and the results both times were phenomenal.  Leavie has a way of engaging with the team that makes the meeting seem to fly by. Our people always look forward to whatever knowledge Leavie chooses to share.  If you get an opportunity, try him out; you will be glad you did!

Lisa S. Denham

VP & CFO, Southern Brass, LLC

Mr. King is not only an engaging an entertaining speaker, but he truly has the ability to move toward positive outcomes.  He provides practical tips to move the needle in a positive way toward reaching performance goals.  His presentations are educational, creative and fun!

Akareem Spears

Director, Adult Education , Bishop State Community College

Leavie has the ability to move and inspire audiences of all types with innovative and entertaining delivery-methods.  The community residents he presented to left with an attitude full of empowerment, optimism and education.  He made everyone feel as though they were partners in the presentation, rather than attendees.  Leavie comes with my highest of recommendations as a speaker, trainer and presenter.

C. J. Small, Jr.

Councilman, City of Mobile, District 3

As a head basketball coach, to produce a winning and successful team, I must utilize several avenues to motivate and inspire my team for the long season.  Leavie’s team-building workshop was entertaining, fun and motivational.  Players entered the session with linear views, but they left with peripheral ones!  Players voluntarily began utilizing his workshop strategies throughout the season, and I am confident it made a difference within our team and coaching staff.

Terry Fowler

Head Basketball Coach, University of South Alabama

Prolific Presentations, Inc. is head and shoulders above the rest.  Leavie King is a dynamic, well-versed, energizing and entertaining speaker.  Our board thoroughly enjoyed his workshop, and they apply these lessons learned daily.  His humor combined with his profound insight into today’s complex working environment makes this program a must.  I recall the first time I heard him speak; I remember thinking how polished and professional his delivery resonated with the audience, and how easy it was to listen to and follow his words.  I have attended several of his workshops, and I always walk away with life-changing ideas, as well as the motivation to pursue true happiness and success.

Ira Bates, Jr.

Assistant Vice President, The First Bank

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